About Our Business

Aremac Heat Treating, LLC. has been serving the aerospace and commercial manufacturing industries in the western United States since 1968. We started as a small captive facility in El Monte, California, heat treating camera parts and have evolved into a diversified heat treating & manufacturing facility performing hundreds of processes on virtually every metal imaginable.

The unique combination of heat treat and engineering experience of the staff, coupled with a modern facility with a total of more than 26,000 square feet of floor space, provides us with the capability of processing metals with an unequaled level of quality and service.

We have a fully trained and experienced staff including a Metallurgical Engineer with over 40 years of commercial and aerospace heat treating experience. At Aremac, we believe that meeting a customer's needs involves both understanding metal processing and a determination to find solutions to problems. Over 40 years of heat treating and fabrication experience has equipped us to provide this uniquely different service.

In a world where customer service is quickly becoming a lost art, and customer "NO service" is quickly taking over; We, at Aremac, choose to place our focus on the one thing that really does matter, and that of course, is our customers and their needs. We have not forgotten the simple fact, that if it wasn't for YOU, our customer, we would not exist today.

Our Mission

Well Being of our Clients Come First!

We are truely committed to achieving the highest level of customer service through quality, reliability and technical problem solving.

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